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©︎Yuya Tamagawa

Daichiro Shinjo - DARUMA 2024

The Zen master Daruma (Bodhidharma), renowned for the calligraphic and painting works of the Zen monks Hakuin and Sengai, is a motif that Shinjo has frequently explored through mediums other than language. These screen print pieces produced this time are derived from a series of 22 consecutive works he created last year at Komyoin Temple in Kyoto, where he imposed on himself the constraint of completing each piece within 60 seconds. It is a drawing series that aims to express spontaneity by eliminating intentionality. Having had a Zen monk grandfather and being raised in Zen Buddhist culture from a young age, Shinjo describes it as "a self-portrait with Daruma's face." By establishing this seeing-being-seen relationship with the depicted Daruma, he continually poses questions of self-reflection.

Photo : Yuya Tamagawa

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